Caterpilar Diesel Engines


Caterpillar engines are another popular choice as a supplier of diesel engines to the RV industry. The very successful 330 HP 3126E has now been supplanted by the C7 series, with ACERT technology. The C7 is basically the same reliable engine but ACERT technology keeps the C series engines current with modern emissions tire requirements for diesel engines. The 7.2 liter C7 series is available in 330 and 350 HP variants while the larger 9 liter C9 is generally found as a 400 HP model. The following links will give you specification sheets, service tips, and warranty guides for the C7 and C9 series. Because things change over time, it's always important to use the owner's and maintenance guides that came with your coach. However we feel the following links will be helpful to you.

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