A&E Slide Topper Adjustments


Slideouts are great but they need to be clean when they are retracted or else debris, such as leaves and small branches can get stuck and damage the gasket (or worse) while being retracted. To counter this, most slideouts now come with slide toppers. Slide toppers are nothing more than a spring loaded roller mechanism with a fabric material that will wind up when the slide is retracted and unroll to cover the top of the slide as when it is extended. Any debris laying on top will simply fall off when the topper rolls up.

Eventually the fabric will wear and require replacement. Also, springs can lose tension over time and the effects of wind billowing can be noticed as the material flaps around in the wind when the slide is extended. The spring tension on the slide topper can be adjusted but you must do it carefully because there is considerable energy in the stored spring if it were to get away from you. The following link will take you to a document that describes the proper, and safe, procedure for adjusting the slidetopper tension and replacing fabric.


Submitted by Mark Quasius - 2/05/06

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