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Xantrex Automatic Generator Start
Module for RS Series Inverter/Charger


Automatic Generator Start modules can be added to any RV with a mounted generator set. They are available in a number of models and suppliers. They will automatically start your generator set whenever a user-defined set of parameters exists - most generally at low battery voltage or high interior temperatures. All of this takes a fair amount of wiring to interface with the various modules so that the AGS module can be properly "informed" as to when these conditions exist.

The latest technology is the Xantrex Xanbus system. Xanbus is Xantrex' proprietary name for the CANbus (Controller Area Network) protocol that is now being used in the industry to communicate and shared data between a number of various devices via a simple cat5 data cable connection very similar to a home or business Ethernet computer network. The Xantrex RS2000 Inverter/Charger and Xantrex RS3000 Inverter/Charger are the first items available from Xantrex. They are true sine wave inverter/chargers unlike the previous modified sine wave Freedom 458 inverters. They use the Xanbus network to communicate with a software based menu driven System Control Panel (SCP). The SCP has the ability to control multiple devices on the buss without having to add more remote control panels. Also, because it is software based it has the ability to manage a vastly greater amount of information that a simple "Buttons and LEDs" panel could possibly handle.

Xantrex has introduced a new AGS module that will interface with the Xanbus system. This module is ideal for use with the RS2000/3000 series of inverters because the RS series inverter will communicate with the AGS module, feeding it the exact battery condition and displaying this common information on the SCP. The AGS module has the usual ability to respond to a low battery voltage by starting the generator. It also has the ability to temporarily start up when it detects that the inverter is being run at a predetermined peak load. This means that the inverter won't run the batteries down when a major draw occurs because the generator will take over for those few minutes until the load is removed. It also has the ability to monitor the air conditioning thermostat and start the generator should it become too warm. This can be a real benefit when leaving pets unattended in the RV should shore power fail. It has the ability to program in quiet time lockout hours as well as run monthly exercise cycles and a whole lot more.

Choose from one of the following links for more information on the Xantrex AGS module:

If you wish to utilize the high temp feature of any AGS module on a coach that uses Dometic's Comfort Command thermostat, there will be an additional item required. Because the Comfort Command is entirely digital, it uses it's own network connections to communicate with the air conditioners and furnaces. There are no 12 volt contacts on the back of the thermostat to enable communication with the 12 volt wires on the AGS module that need that input. Dometic does offer an interface box which connects to the rear A/C unit via another cat5 network cable, which will then output the relay closures required to communicate with the AGS module's 12 volt wires.

Select the following link to access the installation instructions and part numbers for this interface:

Submitted by Mark Quasius - 3/15/06

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