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Definition of RV Terms


Following are some of the more popular terms used in RVing and their definitions.

1. AC - Alternating Current electricity. Used for most household appliances.

2. Black Water - Black Water: Waste from the toilet.

3. Boondocking - Camping without use of external resources.

4. Class A RV - A type of RV manufactured on a large truck chassis. Distinguishable by the fact that the driving area can be accessed from the living space while standing.

5. Class B RV - A type of RV manufactured by converting a van into a self-contained camper. Usually retains the dimensions of the van, though the roof may be raised to accommodate standing.

6. Class C RV - A type of RV manufactured on a cut-away van chassis. Distinguished by the sleeping compartment over the van cab.

7. Converter - Electrical device that can change AC electricity to DC electricity.

8. D.C. - Direct Current electricity. Typically generated by vehicle alternators or solar panels. Used to power vehicle accessories.

9. Diesel Pusher or DP - A motor home, typically Class A, that is powered by as Diesel Engine mounted in the rear of the RV.

10. Dingy - Vehicle that is towed behind an RV.

11. Dump Station - Any approved area where RV waste tanks may be emptied.

12. Escapee - A member of the Escapee RV Club.

13. Fifth Wheel - A type of RV that is pulled by a pick-up truck using a trailer hitch mounted in the truck bed.

14. Full Timer - Someone who lives in their RV on a permenant basis.

15. Genset - See Generator

16. Fiver - See Fifth Wheel.

17. GAWR - Gross Axle Weight Rating - The manufacturer´s rating for the maximum allowable weight that an axle is designed to carry.

18. GCWR - Gross Combination Weight Rating. The maximum allowable weight of the combination of tow vehicle and trailer. It includes the weight of the vehicle, trailer/fifth-wheel or dinghy, cargo, passengers and a full load of fluids (water, propane, fuel, etc.).

19. Generator - A device used for producing AC electricity. Consisting of a motor and an electrical generator and powered by gasoline, diesel or propane.

20. Gray Water - Waste water from sinks and drains, may contain soap and food particles.

21. GTWR - Gross Trailer Weight Rating. Maximum allowable weight of a trailer, fully loaded with cargo and fluids.

22. GVWR - Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. Maximum allowable weight of a vehicle, fully loaded with cargo and fluids.

23. Inverter - Electrical device that changes DC electricity to AC Electricity.

24. Potable - A liquid that is suitable for drinking.

25. RV - Recreational Vehicle.

26. RVer - Any person who owns an RV.

27. Self-Contained - An RV capable of supplying all necessary living accommodations including water, heat, sleeping, cooking and waste disposal.

28. Shore Power - Electricity taken from a fixed, land based power source.

29. SKP - See Escapee

30. Toad - (Towed) Vehicle that is towed behind an RV.

31. Wannabe - (Want to be) Some one who wants to be a Full Time RVer.

32. Workamper - Any person who makes a living while camping (or RVing). Work may or may not be at a campsite.


Submitted by Mike Sundberg - 3/30/06

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