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Pre-Flight Checklists


Pilots wouldn't think of taking off in an airplane without doing a pre-flight inspection. It's just too hard to pull over at 10,000' and fix something you missed. Cars aren't so picky, you can generally get in, hit the road, and arrive in one piece. While motorhomes aren't as critical as airplanes, they still do require a bit of forethought before jumping in and going. If not you may hear funny noises as the TV antenna gets ripped off by overhanging branches, your towed vehicle comes unhooked, your awning unfurls, or you look in the mirror and there's hoses dragging behind your RV. With the large number of things to check before breaking camp, it's a good idea to have a printed checklist, rather than rely on memory. Your memory can fail as you get older. At least I think they can, but I just can't seem to remember for sure.

The following checklist is a sample listing. Every RV is different, as is every RVer, so use it as an "ideas" source to build your own custom list. The main thing is to build one, print it, and then keep it in an accessible place so that you can use it.

Exterior checks:

  • Check engine oil and other fluid levels.
  • Check tire pressures and condition.
  • Clean backup camera lens if it needs it.
  • Refill your fresh water tank if needed.
  • If holding tanks need dumping, dump them and clean and store the sewer hose.
  • Disconnect water supply hose and remove the water pressure regulator from the faucet if used.
  • Is the ladder extension properly stored?
  • Are the window awnings and main awning properly stored and locked for travel?
  • Disconnect shore power and any cable or satellite TV lines if used.
  • Do a physical walk-around, looking underneath the RV and around the campsite for anything left laying.
  • Is all trash properly disposed of?

Interior Checks:

  • Lower the TV antenna.
  • Are all interior cabinet doors properly closed?
  • Are any sliding doors secured for travel?
  • Is all loose countertop gear stowed - both kitchen and bath areas?
  • Is the shower door locked?
  • Are all roof vents closed?
  • Is the washer-dryer ready for travel?
  • Is the toilet seat and lid down?
  • Are all free-hanging window and kitchen blinds secured?
  • Is the thermostat set where you want it.
  • Is the refrigerator set on either the Auto or LP operation mode?
  • Is your laptop in position and the GPS system running (if used).
  • Retract the slideouts.
  • Store the leveling jacks.
  • Hook up the toad if possible.
  • Start the RV.
  • Reset the daily trip computer (if used).

Final Walkaround:

  • Put away any blocking you might have used.
  • Check to see that the campsite is clean (one last time).
  • Are all the leveling jacks fully retracted?
  • Lock all basement storage compartments.
  • If you weren't able to connect the toad, then pull into the front lot and connect it.
  • Check all lights, including the toad.

Put on some tunes, and hit the road!


Submitted by Mark Quasius - 3/24/06

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