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Choosing The Correct Water Filter


Assuming that you have, or will be getting, a standard canister system. These systems are the most versatile, in that there is the widest choice of cartridges available. Below is a list of the range of products available, and when and where each would be best used. These comments also apply to other types of filtration systems, although the range of choices available for them is more limited.

Understanding the Terminology

Microns - Sediment filters are rated by the size of particles they remove, in microns. One micron is one one-thousandth of a millimeter. Most micron ratings are "nominal", meaning approximate. If the micron rating is "absolute" it is exact.

  • NSF Class - The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) rates filters on their ability to remove chlorine from water. Class I filters are the best, Class II not quite as good, and so on.
  • Life - Most cartridges will eventually become plugged up. This heading indicates the number of months of service you should get under typical conditions.
  • Flow Rate - Filters, by their nature, impede water flow. This heading indicates flow rate, in gallons per minute, under typical conditions. Your actual flow may vary.
  • Material - This heading indicates the type of material that the filter medium is made of. See the section Information About Water Filtration to learn more about these materials.

Recommendations for Choosing Filter Cartridges

Selecting the best cartridge(s) for your filter system depends on your needs, desires, lifestyle, and budget.

One-Canister Systems

A single canister system is useful for catching sediment and even some taste and odor problems as well.

The PR-5, RV-SED5 or RV-SED1 are your best choices for sediment only.

The F10 and F5 are the top performers for removing sediment and taste & odor.

Two-Canister Systems

A dual canister system allows a higher level of taste & odor that can also reduce chemicals, pesticides, lead and heavy metals, and even cysts, giardia and cryptosporidium.

The best system for full-time use, and our most popular system, uses the RV-SED1 in the first canister followed by a CBC-10.

For part-timers, the RV-SED1 in the first canister followed by a CBC-KDF is best as the KDF will kill bacteria growth duroid periods of non-use.

For those who want the longest lasting carbon filter, whether full or part-time, the RV-SED5 in the first canister followed by the RV-KDF/GAC carbon cartridge is best.

Three-Canister Systems

The first canister should be the RV-SED5 cartridge and the second should be the RV-SED1 cartridge, while the third contains a taste & odor cartridge as per the recommendations above.

If minerals and scale buildup are your concern, you could incorporate an RV_PH cartridge in the third canister after selecting the cartridges for the first and second canisters from the above recommendations for Two-Canister Systems.


Submitted by Mike Sundberg - 3/15/06

Some source material from RV Water Filter Store – www.rvwaterfilterstore.com

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