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The Red Bay Service Work Process


The purpose of this document is to assist you in the repair process that one observes or experiences for getting repairs performed whether or not Red Bay performed the work. This document will also assist you should you go to Red Bay, when visiting the shop for repairs.

There is a smorgasbord of options to achieving the repairs performed on your motorhome.

1st Option – If you don’t want have to go to Red Bay for repairs, then don’t. It is your decision unless it is absolutely necessary to have a Factory Repair. Tiffin has a warranty process that in my opinion is second to none. If you have a local RV repair shop that you trust, they are willing to do the work, and you secure advanced authority, the repairs can me done near your home. If the price is reasonable, Tiffin will pay the direct bill. So you have no out of pocket cash awaiting reimbursement by Tiffin.

2nd Option – A number of snowbirds on their way home, drop their Motorhome off at the Red Bay Shop Facilities with a “Repair List”. Leave their motorhome, when the repairs are completed, they simply return and pick their baby up and off they go.

3rd Option – If you know what’s wrong, call Red Bay, discuss it with them, and if you are willing and able, they will send the parts to you at your home and you can do the repair yourself. (I have done this on a number of occasions.)

4th Option – Call a Red Bay Technician, discuss your particular problem, and he may be able to guide you through the corrective measures to repair it yourself. (I have used this option on occasion).

5th Option – Some folks like to go to Red Bay, they simply enjoy the visit and renewing friendships they have made or they want to go tramp around the area. Maybe even look at new motorhome or two. So, they make a standing appointment by scheduling a repair. This may be done as far out as a year away. It is an annual event for them. Others do this and if the appointment is not required, simply cancel the appointment sufficiently ahead of time to allow Red Bay to advance someone else into the time slot reserved originally for you.

6th Option – Talk to Red Bay and see if they have a driver in your area delivering a new motorhome to a dealer and if they do, have the driver take your motorhome back to Red Bay for repairs. Of course, once these are complete, you will have to work out the details of getting it back.

7th Option – Some owners simply swing thru Red Bay unannounced and pull up at the Campground. This is considered by Tiffin to be either an Emergency or Unscheduled Visit. (This is the one that I usually do.)

Emergency – Tiffin considers this to be a bad water or window leak, no heat, or air conditioning (depending on the time of year). Something that needs to get repaired so that the customer can occupy the motorhome.

Naturally, emergency items are given due priority. This may mean that once the emergency item is fixed, and the motorhome is livable, you may have to wait a bit to get the rest of the items (if any) on your list completed.

Unscheduled repairs:

  • Less than 3 hours – If all the items on your repair list can be completed within 3 hours total of Technician Shop Time.
  • Over 3 hours – If all the items on your list will take over 3 hours total of Technician Shop Time.

As a way of explanation, there are certain Bays (Technicians) that only work on repairs “Under 3 hours”. Other Bays are assigned to work on items that require over the “3 hour limit”.

Note: If you drive up announced and want to get your rig repaired, common sense dictates you will have to wait to get into the shop. The length of wait depends really on the time of year. If you happen to drive up when all of the Snowbirds are heading home; Guess What? You are going to have to take a number and wait your turn, because many have picked this time in advance to get their “Baby” worked on while enroute back to home for the summer.

The waiting time may be anywhere from 3 to 8 days. Again, depending on the nature of your repair list, the number of items on the list, and how busy the shop is at the time you are there.

From personal experience I have lucked out and got in the next day upon arrival for unscheduled repairs, other times we have been there for 7 days waiting to get for our turn. The key advice I can give you is simply be patient and take this time to “Stop and Smell The Roses” and enjoy what the Red Bay area has to offer. Make some new friends, go over to the clubhouse and work on a jig-saw puzzle, get caught up on your “Soaps”. Just don’t be a pain and take it out on the folks who are trying to help not only you but others exactly in the same boat as you are.

Another thing I have learned in order to get some things done is “one doesn’t have to go and see “Bob” to get something done. I have found in my experience that quite often Wade Humphries or D.Ray can help me just as easily, if I take the time sit down and make my request known.

One time, the repair I required could be taken care of at McKinney’s (local RV dealer) much quicker than if I waited to get into the shop. The item was not an emergency, and was not covered under warranty. So I opted to take advantage of McKinney’s, get the repairs performed and get on down the road. Thus, we were in and out of Red Bay in two days. Should you choose this option, private email me and I will tell you what I really think of McKinney RV’s repair service. :^)

But it is an option!


Submitted by Mike Sundberg - 3/03/07

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